Flagship moments

I’m not sure that you know what a flagship moment is when it is happening but yesterday I looked back and remembered one of mine.


Launching Decade7 is great for making me think. Yesterday – 18th October was my daughter’s birthday. We all like to commemorate our birthdays but yesterday I took time to think back to the actual moment I first saw my daughter. I remembered how I looked at this tiny, beautiful little bundle of humanity and realised with far more of a surprise than you would think, that I was finally an adult. From that moment onwards I was responsible, day and night for this lovely little person – her present and future were down to me. I howled tears of joy and terror in equal measure at such a huge responsibility – I’d held a baby twice before in my life – this was a monumental moment!!!  And what an absolute privilege not just to experience that moment but so many other moments since. My beautiful baby is now a fabulous, clever, sassy business woman, wife and fantastic mother to two beautiful boys. All whilst founding and working tirelessly on her business – www.allbymama.com . I’m proud and impressed!  And so, so lucky.

The downside to such wonderful times is that they pass. When you are so incredibly busy with family and work (3 children and own business for me) life is literally a whirlwind and then suddenly – it all goes quiet. The silence is quite deafening after all that noise. It’s not something you can deal with overnight – I defy anyone to say otherwise!!  But in fact the quietness is just an introduction/preparation to the next phase of life. You can choose for it to be as loud or as quiet as you like; as busy or restful –  you’ve arrived at the moment when you can be that adult for you. Of course sometimes it doesn’t quite go like that – maybe swapping looking after children for looking out for parents / siblings / friends. Life is a rich tapestry and as you go along it you collect those threads, weave them together and create the you that you are now.

Of course there have been other pivotal moments since that have shaped me and mine and will continue to do so – but they all stem from that unequivocal, no turning back moment of sheer love and responsibility.

Decade7 is about gathering up all those moments and using them to formulate your now and your future. Not to feel sad that they have gone, but to embrace their importance in your life and acknowledge all that you have experienced and learnt and dreamed about is all still there for you. It’s not so much the future starts now but rather that it’s already happening. Make it happen in a way that you want it to.  Age is no barrier to making dreams happen!!!

I would love to hear from you – let me know your thoughts and how you see your decade7 shaping up. If you’ve set up a business, gone travelling, become a carer, are learning new skills (I’m thinking about trying Yoga – a lifelong member of my ‘to do’ list – but where do I start?) writing a book, really have no idea, or whatever – it would be great to hear from you!  You leave a comment below, send over a message using the contact form or email me – hilary@decade7.com – I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Frances Dickens says:

    Dear Hilary, absolutely inspiring – Congratulations – looks brilliant and your ideas are so thoughtful and caring, creative and imaginative. xxFrances

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