Let’s Get This Show on the Road!!!

It’s easy to have an idea but actually fitting in doing something about it around stuff you need to do every day is proving more difficult than I thought. But I do know from experience that if you want to do something you just have to work out how to. 

So whilst I’ve been working away at my ad hoc day job (Silverstone Safety Marshal) I’ve thought about how to move things forward.

As a long time stationaryaholic having an excuse to acquire and write in a lovely new notebook kicked the whole process off and I’ve filled pages with thoughts, ideas, even developed a product.  Next was thinking about a suitable name.  That took longer but actually not as long as I thought it would.  I had a few preferences on my list but going ahead with them depended very much on whether the domain name was available.  The second name on my shortlist was so hey presto I bought a domain name and then for good measure a WordPress website ready to eventually get the whole thing off the ground.

My old HP laptop is heavy with a battery life of about 2 hours and incredibly slow.  So I started researching for something a bit more suitable for me.  A few months back I bought one of those Amazon Fire Tablets – there was a deal on for Prime customers so it cost me £69.99.  It’s absolutely brilliant and at that price by far the cheapest piece of technology I’ve ever bought. It does everything and made me think that for what I actually want a laptop for I really don’t need to pay out a huge amount of money.  After much research (who knew there are so many laptops and so many people with an opinion about them – some so mind blowingly technical you need a science degree to have any hope of identifying whether it’s going to be the best thing you’ve ever bought or an absolute dog).  Anyway I bit the bullet and am now in receipt of my shiny new Asus Vivobook. It comes with Word although I have that on contract anyway for my home computer so I’m instantly compatible and ready for action.  This laptop is so incredibly light it’s absolutely perfect for me to carry around – very slim and stylish and is currently ticking all the boxes.  OK I’ve only had it for 2 days – but I’m loving it.  Yesterday I hooked it up with my new email address and with the new website so it is literally ready for action.

I’m going to design an interim logo using Canva ( www.canva.com )– a great resource for designing all kinds of things – including the new product idea I’ve developed. It’s free to use and just a really great resource to kick things off with.


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