Stretching the ‘little grey cells’…

… to borrow that well known fictional detectives insightful phrase.

 What, I have been pondering, does that actually mean? Is it working through in your mind something you already know but taking a look at it from a different perspective? Or maybe taking a subject you know little or even nothing about and making a point of increasing your knowledge on the matter?

 I’ve been doing a bit of both. 4 years ago I assisted my daughter in the launch of her fabulous business – An online marketplace where sellers (predominantly mothers running their business around family life) open a shop to showcase and sell their products. This required learning from literally zero knowledge how to manage the ‘backend’ of a website which grew from 35 sellers and 200 products to 400 sellers and 4000 products in just 4 years.  Last week saw the launch of a brand new bespoke built platform (goodbye WordPress site – you were great but the time has come to move on to bigger and better things).  So back to learning how it all works all over again and as part of a small team madly working on the migration over the past two weeks. There will be additions and refinements over time but all looking amazing and I am 100% proud Mama, team member and decade7ener.  Age is no barrier to learning new things!!

 So with that firmly grasped in my little grey cells I will be building my own WordPress website from all I have learnt over the past few years, but won’t be afraid to ask for help/check online tutorials on ‘how to’ when I don’t know. The sources available to increase knowledge on any subject and wonderfully plentiful now and often free too – it’s just brilliant.

 Have you built a website? How did it go for you?

 Tuning my guitar still eludes me though…

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